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Executive Director

Jamie is our passionate, steady leader who brings people together and believes in the importance of involving fishermen for the best management, policy, and science. FUN FACT: Jamie can eat her weight in crab, was in a steel drum band, and has worked in almost every ocean in the world, including Antarctica. For more on Jamie, click HERE.

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Executive Assistant

Dana combines a decade of fisheries field and lab work with her detail-oriented nature and skill at outreach and communication to round out our ABSC Team. She brings enthusiasm and dedication to her new role at ABSC and is excited to be part of the Alaskan crab community. FUN FACT:  Dana is a huge hockey fan and can’t wait for the inaugural season of the Seattle Kraken.

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Science Advisor / Policy Analyst

Cory brings his years of on-deck experience on different types of fishing vessels combined with his academic training to create a rock-solid, practical analyst. With a passion for the ocean and an understanding of industry needs, he enjoys collaborating with fishermen, scientists, and fisheries managers to sustainably manage Alaska’s resources. FUN FACT: Cory is an avid outdoorsman, loves to fish, and is an aspiring photographer in Alaska.

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