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Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers' mission is to be vigilant stewards of the crab resource and the environment, provide economic stability to the crab industry and Alaska's coastal communities, support sound science and management, promote safety at sea, and produce premier crab products for American and global customers. We are proactive advocates to benefit the crab resource and the independently owned businesses of Alaska's Bering Sea crab fisheries. 


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Bering Sea crab fisheries are one of the most valuable commercial fisheries in the U.S. and have been operating for more than 75 years. The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act required the development of Fishery Management Plans that formed the foundation for sustainable fisheries management in the U.S. The crab fleet fishes with environmentally friendly pot gear with little bycatch of other species and a minimal footprint on the seafloor. The fishery operates under strict harvest limits and only adult males are retained for sale. Female and small male crab are carefully released in order to maintain the productivity of the stock. Alaska's Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab fisheries were rationalized in 2005, ending the race to fish, improving safety, increasing efficiency, reducing bycatch, and other benefits.


ABSC members are made up of families, business owners, and fisherman that participate in the harvest of Bering Sea crab, many with generations in this fishery. Crab harvesters are a hard-working, resilient, and dedicated to sustainability.


"Being a crabber means hard but rewarding work. Captain and crew work together to safely fish for crab through whatever weather conditions the Bering Sea has to offer."

- Mark Casto, F/V Pinnacle


ABSC's Associate Members are support businesses that are actively engaged in all aspects of crab fisheries, such as shipyards, banks, gear manufacturers, and fuel suppliers. Interested in becoming an Associate Member? Click the button below. 


Jamie is our passionate, steady leader who brings people together and believes in the importance of involving fishermen for the best management, policy, and science.


FUN FACT: Jamie loves to eat crab, was in a steel drum band, and has worked in every ocean in the world. 

Jamie's LinkedIn Profile

Cory brings experience as a fisherman, fisheries biologist, and scientific researcher on the back deck of well over 100 fishing vessels in various sectors in Alaska and the U.S. West Coast. 


FUN FACT: Cory is an avid outdoorsman, loves hunting and fishing, and is a thriving photographer in AK.

Cory's LinkedIn Profile

Dana combines over a decade of fisheries field and lab work with her detail-oriented nature and skill at outreach and communication to round out our ABSC Team. 

FUN FACT:  Dana is a huge hockey fan and enjoys rooting for the Seattle Kraken.

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